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het + slash = OTP

for all your bitextual needs

Harry Potter bitextual fanfiction
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Are your fic reading and writing habits a bit confused about their sexuality? If so, then you've come to the right place. hp_bitextual is a community for fic and art which, while including sexual and/or romantic relationships, cannot be classified as purely slash or het.

What sorts of fics can be posted at hp_bitextual?
  • fics which contain both heterosexual and homosexual sexual encounters

  • fics including a love triangle (or other polygon) involving members of both sexes

  • threesomes or moresomes composed of both sexes

  • pairings including one or more characters who, through either genetics or magic, cannot be strictly classsified as male or female

  • fics in which both het and slash relationships play a major part in the fic

  • fics which include a het relationship in which unrequited homosexual feelings play a major part (or vice versa)

The following sorts of fics do not classify as "bitextual:"
  • slash fics in which background characters are briefly mentioned to be in a heterosexual relationship (and vice versa)

  • threesomes or moresomes in which all characters are of the same gender

  • any fic which does not include both het and slash

  • beastiality or inanimate objects. they're allowed if the fic already has human het and slash, but don't count towards bitextuality

If you have any questions about what fics may and may not be posted to hp_bitextual, please do not hesitate to contact the moderator. If a fic is posted which does not comply with the community's definition of bitextual fic, the moderator will politely notify you and delete the entry. You will not be banned or otherwise disciplined unless the post is so far outside the bounds of the community as to show purposeful disregard of the rules of the community.

Some basic rules:
1) No excessive use of netspeak. You won't get kicked out for telling someone their ficlet is "teh sex," but posts tH4t r tYP3d lik d1s will be deleted.
2) All fics rated above PG-13 and any fic over 100 words must be lj-cut. If you do not know how to use the lj-cut tag, this will show you.
3) This community will (if you haven't figured it out yet) include both HET (heterosexual) and SLASH (homosexual) fanfiction. It may also include fanfiction which defies classification into either of these categories. If you are not comfortable with this, please leave now. There shall be no flaming in the community. Punishment shall be banning and a lifetime of suffering at the hands of bad Snape's-daughter-in-love-with-Draco fics.
4) This community will most likely contain ADULT CONTENT. Underage members are only permitted to read fics and view art up to and including the maximum legal rating in their place of residence.
5) CHALLENGES will be posted sporadically. Members are not required to participate in all (or any) challenges, but it is encouraged. Please mark all challenge responses in the subject line, for archiving purposes. If you have a challenge suggestion, please notify the moderator.
6) The use of a beta-reader is appreciated, but not required. However, spellchecking and proofreading your work is required.
7) The following content may be posted in the community: FIC, ART and RECS which conform to the "bitextual" definition given above.

Please follow the following templates:
Subject line: FIC, "title of fic," rating
Rating and approx. word count:
Pairing(s): (unless surprise is an element of the story)
Warnings: (for any potential squicks-- noncon, chan, BDSM, etc)
Author's Notes: (optional)
content of fic under cut tag (unless it's a drabble)

Subject line: ART, pairing(s), rating
Artist's Notes: (optional)
link or art (under cut tag, please)

Subject line: RECS
Title of rec'd fic:
Author of rec'd fic:
Rating, length:
Please feel free to add any commentary as to why you liked the fic.

FIC and ART posts may only include one fic or piece of art per post. This is for archiving purposes. RECS posts, however, may include as many recs as you want.

Looking for a beta for your bitextual fic? Interested in beta-reading for someone else? Check out the beta thread.

The characters and world of Harry Potter belong to JK Rowling. This community is for entertainment only, no profit or infringement is intended.
Adult content is clearly marked, and not intended for those under the age of majority in their country.

Do you moderate or own a website or community devoted to the mixture of het and slash? Affiliate with us! Just send me an e-mail letting me know and we can exchange nifty little buttons to put on the userinfo.

Feel free to contact the moderator with any questions, comments, or suggestions. She's very friendly and sorry to have to make everyone wade through such a long userinfo page.